Cold Chain equipments
Cold Chain Equipments-Vaccine Carrier

Vaccine Carrier is a box with airtight lid, easy to handle, strong to face all hurdles during transportation. Vaccine Carrier is used to carry vaccines, maintaining temperature required during transportation. It contains ice packs, which provide constant low temperature for a longer duration. The airtight lid does not allow air to enter in. Vaccines are safe against all tensions during transit, like virus, breakage, etc.

Diagnostic equipments sphygomamanometers
Diagnostic Equipments- Sphygomamanometers-Valves

Sphygmomanometers and all its spares (accessories / refills) are being exported all over the world in huge quantities. Please send us your list of requirements and we shall be glad to send our C.I.F. rates and samples.

Scientific equipment,Medical scientific equipment,Scientific equipment manufacturer, Exporter & supplier
Scientific & Laboratory Equipments

We have wide range of accessories available for the simple, safe and efficient aspiration of body fluids. Our instruments have become synonymous with high quality, Robust performance the world over. We are manufacturers , suppliers and exporters of autoclave, b.o.d incubator, deep feezer, environment chamber, furnaces, fume hood, hot plates, humidity cabinates, incubators, laminar flow, lypholizer, oil bath, oven, pipette washer, plant growth chamber, seed germinator, shaker, water bath.

Suction unit,Suction unit manufacturer,Medical suction unit
Suction Unit

An electrical appliance that cleans surfaces by suction. We have wide range of accessories available for the simple, safe and efficient aspiration of body fluids. We are manufacturers and suppliers of Portable suction units, High vacuum suction machines, Suction accessories, Manual suction units, Surgical suction units, Electric vacuum extractor.

Laryngoscopes-Miniature Lamps-Nickel Plated Vacuum & Xenon

Manufactures medical minature bulbs / lamps of high intensity, Infrared emitters used for medical applications requiring specific bulb size, base, and voltage. Our medical minature bulbs are used for laryngoscopes, diagnostic equipments / instruments, Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope, fiber optics, aeroscope, ENT, etc. The bulbs available are halogen, xenon, argon, vaccumised.

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